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Hunting & Gathering - Sometimes you need something really outside the box . . . 
We started off finding a bagpipe, what kinds of things have we found since then?   
11 tons of pumpkins s 30 cactus gardens s 300 presentation folders s Full color signage s Champion Austrian waltzers s "Crayola Cafe" s A test kitchen full of pots, pans, and gadgets s Dressing for the Taiwan new products pavilion at the National Hardware Show s 3 long oak gavel s 10 tall Greek statue s 15 tall palm tree s 25 tall Teepee s Chocolate business  cards s Ice sculptures s Lemonade cart s Birch bark canoe s GGiant pink flamingos s LLife sized taxidermed  camel s Jade Dragon s Weird furniture s Authentic Mitchell movie camera s  A room full of Queen Anne Furniture with custom upholstery s Costumed Mannequins s Big City Cow s Authentic Vespa. . .
Looking for a stylist to artfully blend your props with your product?  We'll be happy to join your team!














(847) 451-6121