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"We make you look good . . .

. . . and your event look great!""

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About Us:


    We've won awards for tradeshow booth design and photography.  We've delivered a 100% custom tradeshow booth in 8 business days.  We've turned theme parties around in around in less then 24 hours.  We've fulfilled Hunting & Gathering requests in hours.  We also support various schools and charities.

     Alicorne Productions Inc. was formed in 1989, so we've been around the block a time or two.  Since the first prop rental, a bagpipe, the company has expanded into a warehouse full of meeting, exhibition and event décor and employs extremely talented carpenters, scenic artists, event decorators, hunter-gatherers and model makers to fulfill your creative vision and event needs.

     A frequent visitor to Chicago area event and tradeshow venues, Alicorne Productions Inc. has also hit the road, creating exciting environments and keeping blood pressure down for event professionals across the country.




(847) 451-6121