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"We make you look good . . .

. . . and your event look great!""

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Elegant Weddings

Lovely wedding decor, statuary, & gorgeous draping for the event of you dreams . . .



This lovely wedding pavilion, shown here in Chicago's Field Museum is crowned with satiny fabric and  lush sword ferns.


A stunning triple swan  statue stands in front of a lovely star drop and is flanked by stately columns and deco gazelles

  The bride loved everything about this room except the walls.  So in less then half a day we made them "disappear" behind stylishly draped lustrous white fabric.  



If a garden wedding is your dream come true, then you'll love this gazebo, draped in your colors, and accented with flowers, ferns and ivy.


The beautiful roses of this centerpiece are lit with the romantic glow of hanging votive candles.


Swags of white satin, and colonnade poles decorated with ivy and  ferns create an intimate Chupah


Translucent French Trigal softened the lines of this austere room.  The flowing, elegant drape gave this  wedding a  romantic setting.




(847) 451-6121