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Be transformed by the spirit of Mardi Gras!



These fun focals go anywhere, adding a splash of color to any part of your party


Invoke the spirit of Mardi gras with this authentic looking street scene.  A red brick wall creates the perfect background for an old fashioned streetlight, a giant glittered Mardi Gras mask and a pair of colorful jesters.

  For a stylish twist, we fill a sizable gold urn with a large mask, greens, sparkling ting, and colorful beads


Beautifully draped square Burnham columns create an archway reminiscent of the entrance to a fine southern mansion.


Jesters, balloons, and the huge Mardi Gras pavilion transformed this ordinary meeting room into a slice of the "Big Easy"




Painted masks, beads  balloons, ribbons and plumes welcome you!


We create a wild display for tables using simple masks, doubloons, and ting.  More elaborate versions include colorful balloons, ostrich plumes and feathered masks


This area decor features Mardi Gras hats, plumes, and feathered masks .



(847) 451-6121