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Chicago, the city that works - and plays! 



"City Lights" is a breathtaking 12' x 32' skyline featuring backlit windows and your choice of silver shimmer curtain or sky blue backdrop.  A showstoper!


"Royal Skyline".  Sleek and stylish, you may recognize this piece, it's been on TV.

  "Mini Skyline" (four feet tall) is perfect for  buffets or registration areas!  


This classic red brick building facade makes a fun entrance to "The Rusty Cricket" Jazz club. 

Easy to customize and make this club your own.

Looking for a little Jazz in the park?  These 8 foot tall  silhouettes can be chase lit for even more pizzazz!




  This playful ten foot tall sculpture incorporates clarinets, saxophone, trumpet and flute with slivery tubing, red satin and gold lurex.  It makes a spectacular entrance or buffet piece.  



(847) 451-6121