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Casino Nights - a sure bet for fun! 

We'd be happy to coordinate your event!                                                                     
Due to the many rules and regulations regarding casino parties in Illinois, we will require a signed contract a minimum of 45 days before your event.




The Pair - a - dice Casino is always open! This 12 high, 4 x 10 marquee is easy to customize & makes a spectacular entrance!


Giant dice and six foot tall cards stand out as entrance, buffet or area decor.


This floral buffet features red roses and jumbo cards, also available are six inch dice centerpieces.






Welcome to the Star Club! Ask about custom signage to welcome your guests.


This Art Deco fountain, featuring giant lit bubble tubes, is a hit with all the high rollers, several sizes are available.


These chase lit teller cages, usually part of our "Night at the Races" theme, makes  a handy place to hand out chips.




(847) 451-6121